At Dog Done Good, we base our training on positive reinforcement – so your dog wants to learn!  All training sessions will be individualized according to you and your dog's goals.  Basic behavioral problems can be covered, as well as training polite manners and living their best lives with you. Some of the dog training will be giving you homework, based on your dog's individual needs, to repeat and practice the solutions we have gone through during the training session.
FORTY-FIVE MINUTES of uninterrupted training time - what dog wouldn't want that?  Our expert trainers will work with your dog while you're working or away from the house!  We'll do the work for you to prep your dog for good behavior at home.  Because repetition is so important for dogs, this is an ideal for the consistency needed in dog training.  Great as a complement to our Private Training or a refresher course!

If you haven't booked a Private Lesson or Puppy Consultation with us first, please go to our Services page and register for a private lesson before continuing with our Home Services.

Do you and friends have similar aged puppies that need training?  Dog Done Good offers a 4-week semi-private lesson that will teach a group of dogs basic obedience, advanced manners, or any other skill you wish to achieve.   
Using the Zoom app, we can instruct, observe and demonstrate training skills to benefit your dog.  Great for those who can't leave the house, or behavior that won't happen while the trainer is in the home.